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Lilith by FunnyLover13
Meet Lilith, the succubus.

Her entire concept is an idea I've had for so long. Ever get those moments where you're listening to a song about a girl, especially the one with Girl names, and you image the girl in the song? That's where Lilith comes in; she penetrates your mind through the music, appearing to you as the girl in the songs. She feeds on your soul through yours emotions, which explains why some people grow emotionally attached to certain music. I'm still shaping her up ---along with the gazillion other horror/supernatural babies I have--- so I'll make more of her later.
Zalgoids by FunnyLover13
From Left to Right: Otis, Annie, Hope, Lafayette, Serenity, Arabella, and Wendy.
From what I've seen in the fandom, there's so many ways you can turn into a Zalgoid. I narrowed it down to three ways: Born directly from ZALGO's body, born through his "mating" (mostly with humans), and Zalgo's corruption of a Human.

Born Directly from Zalgo: Otis, Arabella
Born From Zalgo's Mating: Hope, Lafayette, and Serenity (Siblings)
Zalgo's Corruptions of Humans: Annie, Wendy

Everyone is mostly able to cover their corrupted body parts (Otis chooses not to cuz he's a rebelling lil' bitch). 

Hope you like them! I'll explain more on them later  (•̀o•́)ง
Oh Snap! Adoptables?! Pt 6 by FunnyLover13
Oh Snap! Adoptables?! Pt 6
Moar base-styled adoptables (Last one with bases...for now).

I decided to do a mix-matched batch (that doesn't mean they have to stay the same genders after you buy them ^^). These cuties don't have any stories or official names, so it's all up to you to give them one~ I will, however, tell you what they are and what they might say (Should you choose to give them a catchphase. Note these catchphases are optional, so you don't have to keep them)~

1. Frankenstein-Girl (No Catchphase as of yet)
2. Double-Dutch Butcher ("My rope can cut through anyone and anything~")
3. Self-Eating Cannibal ("I'm just too delicious to stop...")
4. Secretive Dream Man ("Do you wanna hear a secret?")
5. Demon Dispenser ("Reach inside...but be warned: there are consequences~") ((Claimed by :iconchibi-works: ))
6. Lava-Creator (No Catchphase as of yet)

- Each character is 50 pts (except the Customize Adoptables - those are 100pt each).
- I only hold characters for 24 hrs. After the fact, they are back on the market!
- No bargains~
- Give me credit on your first piece of art. You can change anything about them, whether it's their appearance or story. I made them characters mainly for horror, but they can belong to a variety of genres. The choice is yours once you've bought them~ ^^
-...Treat the babies right *^* I want them all to have the best owners around!

Oh! And if you want more adoptable choices, I still have some that have not been taken yet~ You can find them here:……………

The base I used does not belong to me. You can find the base (c) :iconkoru-ru:


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United States
  • Mood: Not Impressed
In all honesty, I've grown sick of most of the people in the Creepypasta fandom. Between the White Knights, Asshole Critics, and other idiotic actions, I'm on a very thin line. What has mostly been immature was the recent drama these passed months (as most of you may know). At first, I saw myself trying to reasoning with others, since I despise drama, but then I came to the conclusion that you can never reason with stupidity. All I have to say to the many who find themselves to be "upholding a law":

Calm the fuck down.

Do you honestly see how barbaric you're acting? You're not only arguing over fictional characters, MOST of whom you do NOT own, you're trying to find scapegoats to your own problems. I've seen so many label others and practically SLANDER someone based on their own, fucked up, perspectives on life. So fucked-up that even I, someone who can normally be seen as "open-minded", had a hard time wrapping my mind over the sheer idiocy of it all. Well, I would love to tear this all down and end this drama once and for all.

First: Get your facts straight. Before you so much as THINK something's wrong, RESEARCH. Because let me tell you, TUMBLR and INTERNET JUSTICE are just another way of giving FALSE information. They're also the best way to LYNCH innocent people with blackmail, death threats, and mindless opinions no one asked for.

Also: Shut up and Listen. Seriously, have any of you who oh-so-graciously love to argue ever stop typing and READ? Some of the things that come out of your mouths just lets ME know that you can't either A) comprehend another person's words or B) you're too much of an idiot to try to. I've read so many arguments in the recent drama...and I honestly wept at the gibberish.

Another thing: IGNORE IT. If someone cannot agree with you, or if someone is being an idiot, walk away from it. There is no need to try and reason with stupidity as the very thing is nearly impossible to do these days, especially with the "righteous" people of TUMBLR and internet justice. If you can't reason like mature beings, it's a loss cause, and there's no need to try and get yourself worked up over bullshit. 

Moreover: Calm down. An opinion is like a penis: it's nice that you have one, but it doesn't mean people need to see it. That being said, if your opinion has evil intentions, against someone or several others, Shut the fuck up. Also, STOP MAKING EVERYTHING DRAMATIC. In this recent drama, as a person who is open-minded, I had to stop. Just stop and look at my screen...because I couldn't even fathom how someone's brain could word such idiocy together, and say "Yeah, that's a great thing to type!" Also, I find people making the biggest messes out of something innocent; it's like perverts who can find something dirty in the innocence of marshmallows. In this recent drama, and as a person who is quick to snap when offensive shit rises,i saw nothing wrong in the first place, yet there were a few people who found something wrong...they found something wrong out of nothing. It was just plain ridiculous how people can fabricate information just to appear right. It's times like these I worry for the future of our humanity.

Lastly: COMMON SENSE AND DECENCY. How, in the name of all that is holy, can ANYONE think to make rants about another, pin-pointing them out, and THINK that it's ok. That no type of consequences will come from that. Well let me say this: they do. When you do such things, without research as well, you're not only giving false information but practically executing someone in the eyes of the public. How do some of you sleep at night, knowing the words you say and the things you do might damage another? That's how a psychopath is created. Yet, you do it any way, all for the sake of being right.

And before you nay-sayers start squawking, without reading fully most likely, I don't need to know the whole story about anything to know that idiocy is at its best. But it's not everyone; there are a few good people in the Creepypasta fandom that only want to enjoy their horror in peace, yet can't because of people like this. Therefore, I have one finally warning to you idiots in my favorite fandom:

If something honestly bothers you, like to the person. In the NOTES where there's privacy, because that's most likely what they're for. And, if you can't reason with them, go to a higher authority. In short, DON'T look for internet justice. Because, as a viewer to such things, it will not help at all. It will only cause more trouble, more hate, and won't stop until someone ends up hurt. And when they do, and when you're satisfied with that just to feel a human, I must say that you're horrible.

That being said, stop this drama now. The most important reason for this is because there are far more IMPORTANT things you should worry about instead of a FANDOM. There are people in this world who suffer from INEQUALITY, RAPE-CULTURE, POVERTY, AND HUNGER, yet you idiots decide to create more problems that shouldn't even exist, first-world problems at that! Compare to what life is for some, getting upset over a FANDOM is minuscule and shameful. Not only that, You're ruining the fandom so many have grown to love and worked hard to create. This isn't what a fandom is for, and this isn't what it should be about. It's a community where people can feel safe and not feel threatened by idiots. A fandom shouldn't be seen as stupid; getting upset over it, like it would change the very COURSE of your life, SHOULD be seen as stupid. Never, in all my 17 years of living, have I've seen such drama, among adults no less! This isn't elementary school, and you're not children. So stop acting like it because in reality, no one will ever take you seriously with such boorish attitudes. You're not seen as edgy nor are you seen as leaders for the youth; in fact, all I would ever see are childish buffoons. Either find a damn solution like adults or let it fester and die like adults. If you can't do that, the killers of this fandom won't be the scapegoats you've created for your mess.

It'll be your idiocy that ruined this fandom.

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