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Random Sketches by FunnyLover13
Random Sketches
Posting more random sketches.

Top Left: Victoria and Constance in their Proxy Uniforms (and one of my lesser proxies lurking on Constance from afar...)
Top Right: Older OCs Appreciation (yaaay *^*/). My old OCs (like 2005 old) Jennette and her brother Marllowe are being chased by a mob of her lady fans...he is not amused.
Middle Right: New Horror Characters...don't have a plan for them yet, tho.
Bottom Left: My Author Avatars. You'll mostly see more of the one in the skirt, tho.
Bottom Right: From another project I made...someday finish. About zombies and stuff, and those are the heroines of the story.

Hope you enjoy them! Have a slice of bacon for your day~ (*^*)// It's BACON! 
Nayabi Sketches (From the 60s) by FunnyLover13
Nayabi Sketches (From the 60s)
Decided to draw Nayabi and the others when they were all alive during the 60s.

Top Left: Several outfits Nayabi wore as a Hippie
Top Right: Nayabi and her bae, Abigail Hawkins
Bottom Left: Abigail's Enemies, Holly Jones and Reba Perkins.
Bottom Right: Josie Perkins, the original Bitch in Sheep's Clothing 

First time I've ever posted original sketches (thought my scanner would fuck them up, but they came out surprisingly great ^^)

Hope you all like it, and have a slice of bacon with your day  (*^*)//It's BACON! 
Sammy Couldn’t Read Him

Every neighborhood has that kid with a special talent. Up the road, Pullman Park had piano prodigy Kim Anderson. Around the way, Jackman Cul-de-sac had mountain climber Novell Jones.

Down in Luther Ave, we had Samuel Davidson.

The kid who could “read” people.

Yeah, I know. Sounds a bit weird – and creepy – when you first hear it, and Sammy was the definition of both. Small and skinny, he looked like a gremlin – minus the claws and tails. He had baggy green eyes that screamed insomnia, dirty blonde hair that sagged over his long face, and a habit of scratching his bony, spider-like arms and biting his thin lips.

The kids called him a freak. The adults called him a drug addict.

I called him my best friend.

For all things considered, Sammy wasn’t a bad guy. Sure, he was a bit weird, but he was a pretty chilled dude. Compared to the other guys who wandered the neighborhood – a bunch of assholes, thugs, and cowards – Sammy was my best bet at a friend. We would hang around the park, eating ice cream, talking about school, and – Sammy’s favorite hobby – reading people.

Well, it was mostly me pointing at someone and Sammy telling their darkest secrets. He would give them out like a clown giving out free balloons to kids:

Affairs, Fetishes, Addictions, Desires...

Sammy could name them all with just one look.

Come the summer of ‘79, and everything changed.


Derick Fisherman: an older kid who came to spend work for his uncle – and my neighbor – Mr. Jones. He was the polar opposite of Sammy: clean- cut brunette hair, strong blue eyes, and tall like a giant. At first glance, he was friendly, the older brother most kids dreamed of. He was also the oldest out of the neighborhood kids, so everyone – especially the fellas – latched on to every word he said. Every time he first saw us hanging by the park, he gave a nice “hello” and a friendly wave.

The others adored him.

Sammy feared him.

Whenever he came into a room, Sammy would just leave, never coming back until later. Whenever he passed us in the park, Sammy avoided eye-contact. He couldn’t even stare at Derick without scratching his arms; the longer he stared, the harder he scratched. His excuse was always the same. Always a dull, shaken whimper:

“...I can’t read him...”

Each time Derick came by, with all smiles and waves, and with all the nice words, it was the same reaction from the others: joy and welcome. And Sammy would say the same thing, his whisper frightened and panicked.

“I-I just can’t read him...”

The others saw his behavior as the usual – Sammy being a little “freak” who couldn’t stand to socialize. But it always bugged the shit out of me. Sammy was always calm, always blunt when it came to reading people. There seemed to be nothing that could shake him. Then came Derick Fisherman, and suddenly, Sammy was a scared little puppy. Day after day, weeks after weeks, when Sammy would ignore him, I always wondered:

What made Derick so different?


I asked him one day after going to the swimming pool. School was starting tomorrow, and we were slowly walking to my house for ice cream. Derick had been at the pool too, and Sammy nearly drowned trying to avoid him. Looking at him, I noticed he was even visibly shaking. It wasn’t from the water – for some reason, I knew – and his arms were layered with newly thick, red scratched marks.


He flinched, looking at me with those baggy eyes. In that moment, I felt like the others, taking in the growing creepiness of his silence. But he was my friend, my bro, and I shook it off before it consumed me. I punched his shoulder playfully, trying to cheer him up.

“You ok man? Derick’s been giving you the creeps for weeks now....What’s up?”

“..I-I told you, man” Sammy hissed through teeth, scratching his arms at the mention of Derick. “I can’t read him.”

“But why? I-I thought you could read anyone!” I stopped in front of him, staring at him with confused eyes. “What makes Derick so different? He’s not a wizard or anything—"

“It’s NOT that” Sammy yelled, gripping his fist over his arm. He gritted his teeth, breathing heavily in panic.

“I-It’s not like I CAN’T read him...I-I don’t...I don’t WANT to read him...”

I stared back in disbelief, watching as Sammy slowly became more and more anxious.

“I...whaddya mean ‘you don’t WANT to’? You’ve never hesitated before....”

“That’s only because I-I didn’t feel...threatened. N-None of you can FEEL it...” He whispered, raking his nails down sensitive skin and biting his lip harder. “T-The pressure of his presence....its darkness.”

“You’re not making sense”

“I’m SAYING....” Sammy looked at me through that mangled hair, and for the first time since forever, I would see complete fear in them.

“He’s not good news. Every time I see him, I can FEEL his mind seeping through me. Looking at him makes me weak, makes my mind almost shatter. Even if I turn away, I can feel it trying to creep in, trying to make me read...”

Sammy backed away, shaking in the shadows of the setting sun. By this time, his arms were nearly tattered and torn, blood gathering from the multiple wounds and dribbling down. I became too scared to try and help. I just...seeing him so frightened, possibly for his life, fucked me up. I couldn’t understand what he could see or what he felt, but I knew that something wasn’t right.

Sammy was never scared.

He was NEVER a wimp...

But this...none of this was right.

“Luke” He finally whimpered, looking at me with desperate, pleading eyes. “You gotta keep him away from me...Please never make me read him”

...What could I do? I walked over to my friend, my bro, and I patted his shoulder comfortingly – I was too awkward for hugs. But just that alone seemed to calm him down, silencing the quivers and shakes to a steady stillness. His breathing calmed as well, and he settled his arms to his sides, letting them bleed untouched.

“Alright, Sammy. I believe you man” I said, and that soft sigh he gave – of relief – made his pain all the more real to me. I glanced at the small wounds, seeing the ugly tears of skin and red blood glistening. I blanched, patting his shoulder again before pushing him onward.

“C’mon dude...let’s get you some bandages”

Sammy only nodded, walking with me towards my house. I peered over my shoulder once, seeing the sun set in the distance to make an orange red sky cluttered with pink clouds.

There in the back, on Mr. Jones’s porch, sat Derick. He stared back at us through wet brunette hair, his once bright blue eyes smoldered with something unrecognizable. I froze for a bit, wondering how long he had been there, before watching him walk into the house.


We walked in complete silence, until I could hear the familiar call of my mom with promises of ice cream. I nudged at Sammy’s shoulder, giving a smile as we walked up the porch.

I remember seeing Sammy smile – well, at least try to – as mom fretted hurriedly over his wounds with the first aid kit. I remember us sitting in the living room with dad, watching re-runs of Scooby Doo and the Flintstones while eating Rocky Road. But most of all, I remember when his mom came to pick him up, how he whispered at me before leaving.

“You have to leave town,’s become too dangerous...”

I remember being confused, only playfully nudging his shoulder and waving as his mom’s 68’ Ford pulled from the driveway.

The next day, Sammy went missing.


It was eight in the morning when his mother called the police. She grew worried when Sammy didn’t come straight home from school like usual. There had been a search party – a few of the men from town and the local police – into the woods and throughout the Tri-State area. All they could find, five miles away from the school, was Sammy’s journal and his dirty sneakers.

But Sammy was gone.

The news slowly dissolved within four months, and everyone went back to their lives like normal. But I couldn’t just forget Sammy like the others, not when he was my best friend, my bro. I never made friends after that, seeing the others as the same assholes that shunned Sammy. My parents, bless their hearts, felt that losing my only friend had been too much for me, and we moved from the neighborhood a month after.

A few years would go by, and the next kid would disappear in June, leaving only her red Mary Jane shoes.

Then the next kid would vanish in July...leaving only his gym shoes.

And the next kid in August...leaving only her strapped sandals.

There had been an entire story about it on the news. I remember watching the headlines – “Mysterious Disappearances in Virginia.” – reporting the drastic vanishings of Luther Ave kids and how only their shoes were left.  Over and over, my mom would frantically mention how I could’ve been one of them. I slowly put two and two together – with Sammy’s disappearance and the others. But it would be Sammy’s mom who helped to add in the pieces to the puzzle.


It was ten years later, and I was in my junior year at college. By that time, Luther Ave had lost twelve kids to the mysterious disappearances. The last I heard, everyone had moved away except for Mr. Jones, Sammy’s mom, and a few others. When I was walking back to my dorm, I met Sammy’s mom halfway. She came with a small book, looking almost as worn out and mangled as Sammy himself, and barely spoke above a whisper.

“Before he...before he disappeared, Samuel wanted me to give this to you, Luke.” She handed me the book, her shriveled hands cold to the touch.

“Sorry, I’ve waited so long...”

I thanked the woman and tried to invite her in. But she declined, looking visibly shaken and practically ran away. Opening the book, with pages yellowed and aged, I recognized Sammy’s neat writing and his tiny superman doodles. I began reading of the adventures we had together, of his thoughts on everyone’s “skeletons in their closets”, and of the sillier things like Shaggy and Scooby’s excessive eating. Then, halfway through the journal, I read Sammy’s darkest fears.

All of them were about Derick.

I read about his anxious of Derick’s presence, about Sammy being depraved of sleep, hunger, and thinking because of him. I read about Sammy’s fear that Derick would find him one day, corner him alone, and possibly kill him. I read about Sammy’s fear of reading Derick’s mind, his fear of seeing the deepest parts of Derick’s thoughts and going insane from it. But I also read of Sammy’s growing curiosity, which scared me even more, and seemed to scare Sammy in his writing. He became torn with trying to avoid Derick and just looking to put himself out of the misery. With each journal entry, with each beginning and ending, I saw Sammy’s growing anxiety, his growing mental pain and physically pain. Literally, each page had droplets of blood, and I could picture Sammy digging through his arms viciously. Each time I turned one page, his neat writing turned messy and hurried; more dried blood spattered everywhere, growing darker, until I came to the last one...

Splattered in rapid blood droplets, with messy, desperate writing, was his final journal.

“I went to the park today and saw Derick...I read him...”

I stared at the journal, having read all of it up to the final one...the day when Sammy went missing.

Sammy was never scared.

He was NEVER a wimp...

He just knew danger when he saw it...

But Derick knew that too.

The End
Sammy Couldn't Read Him
Sammy Davidson could read anyone with just one look.

He could peer into anyone's darkest secrets....

But there was one person he didn't count on.

Story & Characters (c) :iconfunnylover13:
My Horror Characters (Part 3) by FunnyLover13
My Horror Characters (Part 3)
The Last Part!

72.) Rafael — Vampire (Age: Unknown): Drinks Victims' Blood from Their Hearts
       a. Patricia — Time-Travler (Age: Unknown): Rafael's Lover
73.) Barry the Scarecrow — Scarecrow (Age: Unknown): Kills Trespassers on His Lands
       a. Igor the Grave-Digger — Demon Child (Age: Unknown): Buries the Bodies Barry Kills
74.) Yes-Men — Hired Helpers/Assassins (Ages: Varies): Will Do Any Job Given to Them...Even Murder
        a. Lucia — Yes-Woman (Age: 19): Choice of Weapon is Pistol
        b. Josey — Yes-Woman (Age: 16): Choice of Weapon is Crowbar
        c. Megan — Yes-Woman (Age: 24): Choice of Weapon is Ax
        d. Roy — Yes-Man (Age: 25): Choice of Weapon is Sledgehammer
        e. Duncan — Yes-Man (Age: 17): Choices of Weapons are Double-Barrel Shotguns
        f. Charles — Yes-Man (Age: 14): Choice of Weapon is Pickasx
75.) Nymph(s) — Seductresses (Ages: 18+): Turn "Beautiful People" into Statues
76.) The Mummy's Curse — Demon Possessions (Age: 2000): Wants to Control A Living Being to Unleash a Darkness
77.) Louis — Cross-dressing Pretty Boy (Age: 17): The Boyfriend of Carey & The Brother of Louie
78.) Emiko — Yama Uba (Age: Unknown): Seduces and Eats Victims with Wide, Monstrous Mouth
79.) Lil' Johnny & Zackery — Ventriloquist and Dummy (Ages: Unknown, 19): Plot Twist: The Little Dummy Boy is the Ventriloquist
80.) Sister Lauren & Dorey — Evil Nun & Sweet Demon (Ages: 24, 19): Nun Wants to Use Demon To Control the World
81.) Missionary Zombie Cheerleaders — Zombie Hunters (Ages: 14 - 18): Kills Zombies to Survive
       a. Jessie — The Zombie Expert (Age: 16): Choice of Weapon is Ax
       b. Stacy — The Leader (Age: 17): Choice of Weapon is Butcher Knife
       c. Jenny — The Technican (Age: 15): Choice of Weapon is Baseball Bat

This is All!....For now~ 
Hope you Guys like it *^*

All Ocs (c) :iconfunnylover13:

Rafael: Adopt from :iconxraz0r-b1t3sx:


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
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In all honesty, I've grown sick of most of the people in the Creepypasta fandom. Between the White Knights, Asshole Critics, and other idiotic actions, I'm on a very thin line. What has mostly been immature was the recent drama these passed months (as most of you may know). At first, I saw myself trying to reasoning with others, since I despise drama, but then I came to the conclusion that you can never reason with stupidity. All I have to say to the many who find themselves to be "upholding a law":

Calm the fuck down.

Do you honestly see how barbaric you're acting? You're not only arguing over fictional characters, MOST of whom you do NOT own, you're trying to find scapegoats to your own problems. I've seen so many label others and practically SLANDER someone based on their own, fucked up, perspectives on life. So fucked-up that even I, someone who can normally be seen as "open-minded", had a hard time wrapping my mind over the sheer idiocy of it all. Well, I would love to tear this all down and end this drama once and for all.

First: Get your facts straight. Before you so much as THINK something's wrong, RESEARCH. Because let me tell you, TUMBLR and INTERNET JUSTICE are just another way of giving FALSE information. They're also the best way to LYNCH innocent people with blackmail, death threats, and mindless opinions no one asked for.

Also: Shut up and Listen. Seriously, have any of you who oh-so-graciously love to argue ever stop typing and READ? Some of the things that come out of your mouths just lets ME know that you can't either A) comprehend another person's words or B) you're too much of an idiot to try to. I've read so many arguments in the recent drama...and I honestly wept at the gibberish.

Another thing: IGNORE IT. If someone cannot agree with you, or if someone is being an idiot, walk away from it. There is no need to try and reason with stupidity as the very thing is nearly impossible to do these days, especially with the "righteous" people of TUMBLR and internet justice. If you can't reason like mature beings, it's a loss cause, and there's no need to try and get yourself worked up over bullshit. 

Moreover: Calm down. An opinion is like a penis: it's nice that you have one, but it doesn't mean people need to see it. That being said, if your opinion has evil intentions, against someone or several others, Shut the fuck up. Also, STOP MAKING EVERYTHING DRAMATIC. In this recent drama, as a person who is open-minded, I had to stop. Just stop and look at my screen...because I couldn't even fathom how someone's brain could word such idiocy together, and say "Yeah, that's a great thing to type!" Also, I find people making the biggest messes out of something innocent; it's like perverts who can find something dirty in the innocence of marshmallows. In this recent drama, and as a person who is quick to snap when offensive shit rises,i saw nothing wrong in the first place, yet there were a few people who found something wrong...they found something wrong out of nothing. It was just plain ridiculous how people can fabricate information just to appear right. It's times like these I worry for the future of our humanity.

Lastly: COMMON SENSE AND DECENCY. How, in the name of all that is holy, can ANYONE think to make rants about another, pin-pointing them out, and THINK that it's ok. That no type of consequences will come from that. Well let me say this: they do. When you do such things, without research as well, you're not only giving false information but practically executing someone in the eyes of the public. How do some of you sleep at night, knowing the words you say and the things you do might damage another? That's how a psychopath is created. Yet, you do it any way, all for the sake of being right.

And before you nay-sayers start squawking, without reading fully most likely, I don't need to know the whole story about anything to know that idiocy is at its best. But it's not everyone; there are a few good people in the Creepypasta fandom that only want to enjoy their horror in peace, yet can't because of people like this. Therefore, I have one finally warning to you idiots in my favorite fandom:

If something honestly bothers you, like to the person. In the NOTES where there's privacy, because that's most likely what they're for. And, if you can't reason with them, go to a higher authority. In short, DON'T look for internet justice. Because, as a viewer to such things, it will not help at all. It will only cause more trouble, more hate, and won't stop until someone ends up hurt. And when they do, and when you're satisfied with that just to feel a human, I must say that you're horrible.

That being said, stop this drama now. The most important reason for this is because there are far more IMPORTANT things you should worry about instead of a FANDOM. There are people in this world who suffer from INEQUALITY, RAPE-CULTURE, POVERTY, AND HUNGER, yet you idiots decide to create more problems that shouldn't even exist, first-world problems at that! Compare to what life is for some, getting upset over a FANDOM is minuscule and shameful. Not only that, You're ruining the fandom so many have grown to love and worked hard to create. This isn't what a fandom is for, and this isn't what it should be about. It's a community where people can feel safe and not feel threatened by idiots. A fandom shouldn't be seen as stupid; getting upset over it, like it would change the very COURSE of your life, SHOULD be seen as stupid. Never, in all my 17 years of living, have I've seen such drama, among adults no less! This isn't elementary school, and you're not children. So stop acting like it because in reality, no one will ever take you seriously with such boorish attitudes. You're not seen as edgy nor are you seen as leaders for the youth; in fact, all I would ever see are childish buffoons. Either find a damn solution like adults or let it fester and die like adults. If you can't do that, the killers of this fandom won't be the scapegoats you've created for your mess.

It'll be your idiocy that ruined this fandom.

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