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The Reign upon Duncan Grove by FunnyLover13
The Reign upon Duncan Grove
New idea for story. I've been thinking of writing a vampire story that's influenced by Dracula and Nosferatu. 

I hope you like it~ (*^*)//
Happy BELATED B-Day, Carla by FunnyLover13
Happy BELATED B-Day, Carla
My God....I took too long to make this. But school got so crazy!

Anyway, Happy Belated, Belated B-Day :iconcee-cake: ! I'm sorry I couldn't get it to you sooner XD

Aaron & Alina (c) :iconcee-cake:
All the other proxies (c) :iconfunnylover13:
Slenderman (c) :iconvictor-surge:
Splenderman/Trenderman (c) Social Media
Offenderman (c) :iconarcanineryu:
Tenderman (c) :iconisaribi123:
Silvia (Clothes Reference) by FunnyLover13
Silvia (Clothes Reference)
Mostly the design of both her working clothes and her regular clothes.

Hope you like her! Have a slice of bacon (*^*)//Bacon Bacon 

Silvia (c) :iconfunnylover13:
Silvia (Second Reference)
This one mostly deals with showing where her scars are, what her weapon is, and her Likes/Dislikes

I hope you guys like her! Have a slice of bacon (*^*)//Bacon Bacon 

Silvia (c) :iconfunnylover13:
Silvia (Trenderman Proxy) by FunnyLover13
Silvia (Trenderman Proxy)

Proxy Name: Silvia

Name: Jessica Darwin

Age: 24

DOB: November 18, 1991

Past Guardian: Sister Pamela (Parents are unknown – only left a note with her name)

Body type: Slender with slight curves in her waist and hips.

Hair/Eye Color: Brown

Height: 5’7

Species: Human (African American)

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Use:  Silvia is responsible for taking out targets Trenderman believes will destroy the future of stylish fashion. Targets include:

          Environmental Extremists – Targets who splash paint on/set fire to authentic fur coats/silks. 

    -          The “Uncultured” – Targets who damage clothing stores and the merchandise “for the lulz”. These targets also have no respect for fashion and are often pin-pointed as people who "smelly pigs who wear crocs".

    -          Intruders – Targets that are non-human and wish to take over Trenderman's territories. These targets are mostly lower beings the proxies can easily dispatch.

Appearance when 'Working': She wears a light brown poach jacket with a built in mask, a cap to cover her hair, ordinary blue jeans, and tall black construction boots. She also wears gray goggles and gloves.

Appearance when Not in Use: Because her base is a high-end clothes store (run by Trenderman behind the scenes), Silvia’s clothes will change periodically. However, most people will see her in a taupe scarf, a golden shoulders-out blouse, a blue pleaded skirt, mauve tights and gloves, and dark brown boots. She only wears the glasses for style more so than for sight.

Personality: She is a slight perfectionist, and when it comes to design, she has to make the mannequins look believable and stylish: from their body types to their clothes. Silvia prefers to keep to herself, but she will interact casually only with proxies of Trenderman (NOTE: this is if interaction is allowed by Trenderman). Rarely does Silvia get impatient; when she does, she will bite her lip with a sneer and narrowed eyes. Silvia loves being clean and teddy bears, but despises black licorice and crocs.  

Skills prized for: Silvia is very manipulative when she needs to be. This comes in handy when she has to find information on current targets. She also has a way with design, creating said targets into life-like mannequins as order of Trenderman. 

Other skills: Silvia has an eye for sewing and mending.

Abilities: None

Commonly Used Weapon: A Cedar Axe – Silvia was given this one for quick killings, ideally with beheading. Its blade is slightly worn from age, but she often sharpens it when needed; it also has a carved in handle at the bottom for better gripping. She lovingly named it “Svetlana”.

Wounds: Silvia has a large scar along her left cheek; she uses concealer to hide it. Her hands have small scars from sewing needle incidents. Her left knee has an ugly scar that runs along it horizontally; she wears tights to cover this. Her left ear never heals since Trenderman always summons her via mental connection. Her back of right arm has two thin long scars while her left arm has one; she also uses concealer to hide these.

Health problems: Slender Sickness; Knee Pain

    -          Slender Sickness – This includes random nose bleeds, quick dehydration, and bleeding from her left ear. The last one is caused when Trender gives her orders mentally, which caused damage to her ear drum.

     -         Knee Pain – Childhood injury that went to the bone, Silvia will occasionally feel a deep sting in her knee. This can pop up at the worst of times, especially when she’s killing someone.

Condensed Backstory:  Silvia was an orphaned baby left on a church porch. She had been taken in by one of the nuns, Sister Pamela, whom taught her the goodwill of donating to the unfortunate. Silvia would mostly donate clothes, and, having a passion for design, she would repair their clothes or make them new ones. It was in her teens that Trenderman took her away, having been persuaded, by her sewing and designing talents, she would be a capable proxy. Silvia suffered a major memory lost from his influence, thus taking away her Christian teachings and morality.

Owner: Trenderman

Sigil Placement: Along her lower back

I hope you guys like her! Have a slice of bacon (*^*)//Bacon Bacon 

Silvia (c) :iconfunnylover13:



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